Men's Procedures

Women may make up most med-spa patients, but men are getting in on the action and booking regular appointments.
With a desire to look younger and fight the hands of time with non-invasive treatments, men are dipping their toes into the world of aesthetics and becoming fans of everything from Botox to injectables and even treatments to counteract thinning hair. Research shows that men are equally as concerned as women with anti-aging and having healthy skin.

Today, some services cater specifically to men to help them feel good about themselves. Science-based, proven treatments effectively fight age-related changes to their skin, face, body, hair, and more.

No matter where on the scale the treatment falls—non-invasive to minimally invasive—the options available to men at AFL Beauty Bar are growing. For our male patients who choose to partake in treatments and other men’s procedures, there’s never a worry about looking unnatural or too feminine. Instead, the goal is to maintain their masculine appearance while still looking like themselves, just more refreshed.

Why Men Seek Aesthetic Procedures

Men aren’t immune to the aging process.

While the effects of time may surface on the skin, face, body, and hair differently in men than women, and at different points of life, they, too, face fine lines, wrinkles, thinning hair, volume loss, weight-related changes, and even sexual concerns. Men’s procedures can help eliminate or relieve these concerns.

The biggest obstacle between men and aesthetic treatments is the fear of looking too feminine or unnatural. At AFL Beauty Bar, we pride ourselves on continually delivering natural-looking results for our male (and female!) patients, so there’s never a worry about losing your masculine characteristics.
Every man has their reasons for seeking out an aesthetic procedure. Some do it to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, especially if they work in a competitive professional field and must stay on the cutting edge. Others may have always been self-conscious about a particular feature, or perhaps they have fine lines and wrinkles and are now at the point where they are ready to address the issue. Of course, age-related changes have some men wanting to look like a younger, more refreshed version of themselves. Or, perhaps, they are re-entering the dating world and are ready for a mini makeover to eliminate the look of wrinkles or tighten up sagging skin. Whatever the reason, there’s a solution targeted just for men that works!

The Most Popular Male Treatments

Not every male is bothered by the same skin and age-related concerns as his friends or family. So naturally, each man has their preferences and goals regarding common aesthetic men’s procedures.

The most commonly performed treatments on men include:
Various fillers can be used on male patients, ranging from hyaluronic acid to collagen-stimulating ones. A consultation before injectables will determine the best filler depending on the treatment area and the degree of volume loss. In addition to restoring lost volume, injectables can soften heavy folds and wrinkles, add definition to the cheeks, jawline, chin, and lips and even correct some scarring. It can also be used to nonsurgically correct the nose and reduce hollows and bags under the eyes.
With age, the deeper layers of fat start to decrease in fullness, causing a sunken or flat look, which is why fillers are a good option for restoring fullness in the face in men, making it a popular treatment. Fillers also work wonders for facial balancing, especially in men, to enhance flat features like the cheeks and chin and create a more square-looking, masculine appearance.
The treatment is quick, taking anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, with next to no downtime. Some patients experience minimal swelling and bruising, but most men say the side effects are worth their newly rejuvenated look. At the same time, the results are temporary minimal side effects but very noticeable results with restored fullness.
Botox is also commonly used in men to lift a falling brow. Known as a Botox brow lift, the treatment can open the eyes for a less tired appearance. However, men often require more units of Botox than women, especially when treating the eyebrow area and foreheads because of more muscle mass. Still, the procedure is fast, and the results are usually seen in a few days with no recovery and minimal side effects.
In addition to PRP injections, Hydrafacials are another popular treatment for refreshing and renewing the skin. While some men have believed in the power of traditional facials for years, others are getting more acquainted with the Hydrafacial, mainly if dryness and clogged pores are a big concern. The treatment also helps reduce breakouts and other skin issues. Add-on boosters lend additional improvement.
The number of treatments needed varies per patient. Most men benefit from two or three, but more may be required to eradicate the fat. Although the results take time to see, they are dramatic. To make the most of slimming shots, a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water help break down and dissolve the fat so the body can flush out the cells.

Who Is a Candidate

Depending on the treatments you are most interested in determine if you are a good candidate for these men’s procedures. 

For the most part, most men who are concerned with the initial signs of aging and skin health are suitable candidates for most aesthetic treatments. However, a consultation is always recommended to ensure your desired treatment is a good fit.

What Are The Benefits Of Men's Procedures

There are many benefits to men taking care of their skin and hair and partaking in aesthetic treatments when they feel it’s time.

Improving skin health is the most significant benefit of these treatments, as is jumpstarting hair growth when thinning hair is an issue.

Men also feel renewed confidence when they opt for aesthetic treatments. Often, when men look good, they feel good!

How Much Do Men's Procedures Cost?

The cost of an aesthetic treatment varies from patient to patient, depending on the issues, the recommended treatment, and the number of sessions needed.
Some men will benefit from one treatment, while others will see the most impact from combining various treatments for the best result. Schedule an appointment today to determine the best treatments for you and their cost!

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