Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift (Filler)

Want to boost your booty without significant commitment? If a more voluminous butt with an enhanced shape is something you’ve always desired, you can now achieve it with dermal filler injections into the butt, known as a non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).
Over the last few years, the idea of an enhanced and better-contoured butt has become popular thanks to celebrities who show off a fuller butt and the ever-expanding demand social media drives.
Thanks to the non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift, a subtle or more extreme ‘pop’ to the backside helps to improve the projection, volume, and shape of the butt while lifting it too. So you can get the bootylicious butt of your dreams without committing to surgery.

What is a Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift?

A non-invasive BBL is a butt-boosting procedure that uses bio-stimulating fillers, such as Sculptra or Radiesse, to augment the buttocks’ size, shape, contours, and definition, improving the appearance of the skin.
The butt can lose its natural curvature and start to sag with age, yet this treatment reshapes the highly desired S-curve of the butt for improved symmetry while adding lift. However, a non-invasive BBL restores shape to a ‘flat’ or shapeless butt.
Sculptra and Radiesse, two collagen-stimulating fillers, are routinely used during a non-invasive BBL to add volume by stimulating collagen production in the area. While hyaluronic acid fillers are typically used to plump up thin lips and flat cheeks, they’re not considered appropriate butt fillers for augmentative purposes in a BBL. These fillers work by attracting water to add volume. Instead, bio-stimulating fillers add volume by creating new collagen production. Increased levels of fresh, healthy collagen also improve the rate of cell growth and repair, keeping the skin firm, soft, and smooth. The treatment also creates an inflammatory response of sorts and provides long-lasting results.
A non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift is a fast fix without the downtime or recovery period of a surgical BBL, which can leave the butt with less-than-uniform results and lumpiness. Since the non-invasive BBL utilizes Sculptra or Radiesse rather than fat, it can improve the overall elasticity and texture of the skin, smoothing it out to enhance its appearance. Although the procedure is considered off-label, it’s the easiest way to get a better-shaped butt—and fast! Plus, using fillers rather than fat lends a more natural shape and appearance with less bottom heaviness.
The degree of projection and the amount of added shape can be tailored to your needs to suit your body best. And since non-Invasive BBLs only utilize injectables, no cutting, fat transfer, or implants are required. That also means the recovery is quick and more affordable.

How Does Butt Filler Work?

Collagen-stimulating fillers like Scuptra or Radiesse are often used for soft tissue augmentation.
These fillers stimulate collagen production, making them suitable for volume restoration and skin rejuvenation. Currently, the only FDA-approved indication for these fillers is for facial volume restoration; non-invasive BBL is considered an off-label application, yet it yields great results.
Adding filler to the butt is a non-invasive technique that gives it a fuller, more lifted look. Most patients require about three in-office treatments spaced six weeks apart, although you may need more treatments depending on the desired level of augmentation.
Instant BBLs work to add volume to the butt for improved shape, lift, skin texture, and definition for a more feminine and youthful butt. During the treatment, the filler is injected into specific areas beneath the skin to create the desired shape, fullness, lift, and contour. While there is an immediate improvement, the full results can take time to see once the collage0nstiulatig benefits of the filler go to work. But to obtain the look you want, you’ll need more than one session–most patients need two or three sessions.
Collagen-stimulating fillers act as scaffolding that allows for new collagen to grow. Sculptra and Radiesse take time to work fully despite the initial boost in volume; it takes about six weeks to see the full effects. Once the collagen formation starts, it can take up to a few months to complete.
Unfortunately, because these longer-lasting fillers can lead to lumps and nodules under the skin, your practitioner may dilute the product with water to give it a ‘better spread.’ Plus, adding water (diluted filler) helps provide an instant volumizing boost. However, the water’s volumeizing effects are short-lived at best.
How much boost you want will dictate how much filler needs to be used. For a subtle difference, ten vials or so may be recommended but for a more substantial increase in size, usually, upwards of 20 vials.
Unlike a surgical BBL, which comes with far more risks, the issue with a non-invasive BBL is that if you need or want to dissolve the fillers for whatever reason, it isn’t possible. The fillers used are not reversible.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate for a non-invasive BBL is someone in good health that wants to tweak the size, shape, and contours of their butt but doesn’t want to undergo surgery.
The best results are seen in those at or close to their ideal body weight with minimal loose skin.
Unlike a surgical BBL, the non-invasive version offers long-lasting but not permanent results, making it a good option for those not looking for a permanent fix. For those who don’t have enough fat for a surgical BBL, a non-invasive BBL is an excellent alternative. It’s essential that you don’t have a bleeding condition or disorder history, making injectable procedures somewhat risky.
The ideal non-invasive BBL patient is between the ages of 21-45 years (that’s not to say you can’t be older or younger), near their ideal body weight, and wish to improve the volume and texture of the buttocks. However, it will take time for results to develop, so it’s not for those searching for an immediate or quick fix.
Compared to surgical butt lifts, more patients are qualified for butt filler injections. You may be a good candidate for a non-invasive BBL if:

What Are The Benefits of a Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift?

The biggest benefit of a non-invasive BBL is that no surgery or significant recovery is involved, so there’s little downtime with the procedure.
However, some people choose a non-invasive BBL over a surgical one to avoid going under general anesthesia and don’t want the scars from surgery. Also, some patients may not be good candidates for the fat transfer portion of a surgical butt lift, as they may not have enough fat for the procedure.
Other benefits of the procedure include the following:
Additionally, if hip dips are present, they can be corrected with the filler during a non-invasive BBL.

The Non-Invasive BBL Experience

While it may sound scary to have filler injected into your butt, the procedure is anything but that. Many non-invasive BBL patients say the treatment is tolerable and the results are worth it. But, of course, following your provider’s instructions to a T helps make the overall experience more enjoyable.
Before the procedure, it’s best to avoid drinking any alcohol in the days leading up to your non-invasive BBL treatment. You’ll also benefit from avoiding smoking, herbal supplements, or blood thinner for at least two weeks. Make sure to discuss your medical history, including your current health condition and any medications you take to minimize the risk of potential side effects.
On the day of your non-invasive BBL, the areas where you want improvement will be marked up. Most patients want rounder-looking buttocks and a more pronounced S-shape profile, so make sure to communicate your goals at this time. You can also bring inspirational photos with you to your appointment.

After the treatment areas are marked, local anesthetic is applied to help make the procedure more comfortable. 

 Then, you will be asked to lie down as injections begin. The treatment takes about 60 minutes, depending on the number of syringes and the targeted injection areas.

Immediately after, you’ll see some improvement in your butt, which is mostly noticeable volume. Over the next few days, your body will naturally absorb this initial boost in volume. A few months later, the full booty-boosting benefits will be seen. Unlike a surgical BBL, which produces instant results, non-surgical butt injections need time to take effect because it takes upward of a few months for the body to create collagen. The body starts to absorb the poly-L-lactic acid after several months naturally. Therefore, the new shape and contours of your butt will gradually develop over time. Most patients require more than one injection session to achieve their desired results. Follow-up treatments may also be needed to improve the outcome. On average, the results last three to five years.
Post-injection, you may have bruises, swelling, and redness at the injection site for about one week. Massaging the area multiple times daily for the first five days after the procedure is important.

How Much Does a Non-Invasive BBL Cost?

Instant BBLs vary in cost from provider to provider, and those in large cities often charge more. To determine the cost of your non-invasive BBL, call our office to schedule a consultation where we will create a custom program to correct your current concerns.

The Results

It’s important to know that with a non-invasive BBL, the results are not immediate, and multiple treatment sessions may be needed to achieve your desired goals.
In addition, every patient is different, and the result can vary. For example, some people notice more volume and enhancement than others, which depends on their starting size, shape, and projection.
For the results to be noticeable, the body must create new collagen within the butt, which can take a few months. Then, once ample collagen has been made, a more noticeable improvement is seen.
The results of a non-invasive BBL are not permanent. Some people see results that last three years, while others enjoy their new butt for five years. However, expect a rounder, more lifted, shapelier butt with enhanced projection after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it is a non-surgical procedure, injecting a foreign substance into the body can cause reactions in some patients, which are rare. Reactions post-treatment can include:

  • Asymmetries
  • Small lumps
  • Bleeding near the site
  • Rashes and itching
  • Bruising and redness
  • Breakout

Some patients see the effects of a non-surgical BBL for three years, while others may see an improvement that lasts five years. The filler used, the amount injected, and your metabolism and lifestyle all affect the longevity of the results.

Most patients do not find the procedure uncomfortable. A local anesthetic is applied before the injections to numb the treatment area.
Directly after your injections, you will see some improvement in volume and contour. Over the next few days, the immediate improvement will slowly dissipate, but over the coming weeks will begin to take effect, enhancing the size and shape of your buttocks and improving over the coming months. You will likely need more than one session a few weeks apart for a complete transformation.

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